1.0 hours. . . $ 60 - $70

1.5 hours. . . $ 80 - $90

In-call only; no out-calls at this time.



Bodywork System Magnetic Memory

Foam Table Pad


Comfortable body melting memory foam molding to the exact contours of the face and body, completely eliminating pressure, helps the body to relax while bringing blood flow to the surface with 280 magnets creating a field to aide in additional circulation and relaxation.


  • Molds to the exact contours of the face and body, completely eliminating pressure,

  • Enhanced magnetic field relaxes muscles, reduces pain, and effectively relieves sinus congestion, &

  • Reduces common aches and pain following a treatment




cash or check only





7 days/ week; 10:00 AM - Midnight






Private Residence

Dallas / Farmers Branch Area

1/2 mile N. of I-635 / LBJ & Josey Lane








Texas Massage Institute - Dallas, TX

Completed a 300 classroom hour program for Massage Therapy.


Over 100 hours of advanced work in Body Balancing, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, soft tissue/ stretching techniques, Clinical Anatomy & Physiology, & Trigger Point therapies. All this topped of with a First Aid course from the Nat'l. Safety Council.


Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician - Dallas, TX

As certified in retail pharmacy, I provide the more technical services preparing and distributing drugs for the consumer in need.


El Centro Community College - Dallas, TX

Liberal Arts curriculum.


Christ for the Nations Inst. - Dallas, TX

Associates degree in Theology.




Hot Rocks

The sensation that really rocks!


The use of smooth heated basalt stones has many benefits:

  • a more profound relief of sore & tight muscles than massage alone,

  • induces a deeper state of relaxation,

  • heat prepares body for deeper massage work,

  • trigger points dissolve easier,

  • detoxifies tissue & lymph easier, & 

  • brings newly oxygenated blood into the area in need of healing.

Q: What are these "basalt" stones?

A: Basalt stones are smooth volcanic rocks that have been naturally tumbled and smoothed in rivers over a period of many thousand years. They are used by heating them to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius). The stones and their heated energy represent the male/ masculine energy


Q: At 140 degrees Fahrenheit, doesn't that burn?

A: No. The heat is transferred into your muscles, the warmth is deeply penetrating, comforting, and relaxing. 


Q: How are they applied?

A: They are applied to the body in various ways. They can be placed on your skin and remain on an area to loosen muscular tension or the therapist can rub, glide, and massage the smooth contours of the stones on your body.


Q: What does it feel like?

A: The treatment is applied very carefully and skillfully, so it will be feel great. Exactly how great or what images will come to mind is up to the client. One can only wonder there. It can also be stimulating emotionally. So come, experience hot rock massage therapy today and find your own personal experience, here, with me, Brett Parrish.






Benefits of Massage


Massage enhances our general health and can be an important factor in our maintenance and wellness plan. It helps the body and mind to keep functioning optimally. It promotes healthy, well-nourished skin, improves blood circulation which improves the oxygen level. This in turn regulates muscles, improves joint mobility, increases energy flow and functioning of our immune system.


Massage can help alleviate common physical problems such as muscular tension, stiffness, and aches. It helps to balance the effects of stress we have in our busy lives, lowering our anxiety levels, normalizing blocked energy flow, restoring a calm mind and sense of well-being. Stress can cause physical reactions and our body will try to tell us.


With today's fast paced, high-tech, non stop business world that overflows into our home life, we need to take a few moments to remember to breathe deep, clear our minds of outside pressures, and give our bodies the "okay" to relax. We, as adults and parents, can focus more clearly when we are in a calm, relaxed state of mind. We provide better attention and care to our children and our jobs at home and in the office.